tips to help toddlers adapt to daycare

My two year old daughter did not adapt to going to daycare very well. It took several weeks of tearful goodbyes and even a few days in which I had to leave work early to pick her up because she was having meltdowns. It took a lot of patience to reach the point where I could leave her all day and not have to worry about having to miss a meeting because she was having another meltdown. If you are experiencing the same problem, visit my site. There, you will find the many tips that I was given by her care givers that helped us get through this troublesome time.

Do You Need Somebody to Watch Your Child?


Are you going back to work now that your little one is a bit older? Perhaps you're still planning to be a stay-at-home mom, but you simply want somewhere safe for your child for times you want to do things without her or him. For example, maybe you're part of a group that meets for lunch every week. If none of the other moms bring their kids to lunch, it's probable that you won't want to bring your child either. And, unless you work at home, you more than likely need to find a place for your child during the time you're at work. From trading childcare with a friend to finding a childcare facility, here are some ideas that might help you.

Trade With a Friend - You've probably already thought of using one of the grandmas or another family member to watch your child. However, have you considered trading childcare with a friend? Even if you go to work every day, there might be a person who would love to have a babysitter on weekends, perhaps when he or she goes to work part-time. If you use a grandma or another member of the family, he or she may be very hesitant about being paid. However, you can still give a big thank you by presenting gift cards to things like restaurants and stores you know are popular. 

Find a Childcare Facility - Perhaps some of your friends have told you about the childcare facility they use for their own children or that they used before their children went to school. If they sing praises of that facility and if the childcare facility is in a convenient location for you, that might be the perfect solution for your own child. Going to childcare, either once a week, several times a week, or even each day that you are at work will more than likely become part of your child's favorite things to do. After all, at a childcare facility, he or she will be playing with other children and will be with nurturing adults who make him or feel safe and happy. Is your child about to go to elementary schoolmaybe kindergarten? Going to a childcare facility will probably be a great place for your child to learn some of the things he or she will need to know when kindergarten starts. For example, your child will learn classroom etiquette like taking turns and raising a hand when he or she needs attention.


26 October 2018