tips to help toddlers adapt to daycare

My two year old daughter did not adapt to going to daycare very well. It took several weeks of tearful goodbyes and even a few days in which I had to leave work early to pick her up because she was having meltdowns. It took a lot of patience to reach the point where I could leave her all day and not have to worry about having to miss a meeting because she was having another meltdown. If you are experiencing the same problem, visit my site. There, you will find the many tips that I was given by her care givers that helped us get through this troublesome time.

Why Should Your Choose A Licensed Child Care Center?


You're a working parent, and are looking for the best possible child care experience out there. You've heard about some of the centers and preschools in your area but aren't sure how to choose the one that's right for you (and your child). What do you look for? To start with, look for a license. Why? Check out how choosing a licensed center can give you a greater sense of comfort and help your child learn, grow and develop to the max.

Health and Safety Checks

The Washington State Department of Early Learning licenses child care centers in the state. In order to maintain a valid license, Department of Early Learning (DEL) staff does annual health and safety checks at all of the licensed centers. This helps to ensure that the 'school' is keeping kids safe and meets their health standards.

Training, Training and More Training

Teachers in licensed centers must take part in child development training every year. Obviously, this is important to the educators, but why is it also just as important to you and your child? Children benefit when teachers have specialized training in early childhood education and child development, according to the National Association for the Educational of Young Children (NAEYC). Teachers who take part in professional development and trainings learn new instructional techniques and better ways to handle behavior management. This makes the pre-k classroom a better place for children to grow.

Realistic Ratios

In order to meet state licensing standards, child care centers in Washington need to meet strict teacher to child ratios. This means that infant rooms have a one teacher to every four child ratio, toddler rooms have a one to seven ratio and preschoolers (ages 36-months through 6-years) have a one to ten ratio. A regulated ratio ensures that there are enough staff members present to watch your child at all times.


Child care means much more than someone standing over your child, watching her. Preschool programs provide opportunities galore for young children to learn new skills and develop budding abilities. At least, they should. Choosing a licensed center means that you're picking a place that is required to maintain minimum learning standards.

Safer Staff

To maintain a license, centers require all staff members to undergo criminal background checks. This doesn't mean that only the teachers have their criminal history clearances. Other staff members (such as the assistants and administrators) who come in contact with the students must also have these checks as well.

Choosing a child care center is made easier when you start with a licensed preschool. While you still need to ask your own questions and make your own decision, knowing the center meets licensing standards offers the added layer of safety that your child needs. 


18 August 2016